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The perfect sustainable lunch box

Combining toughness, the right size and sustainability isn't easy! We take a look at three popular sustainable lunchbox alternatives.

Ethical take on wardrobe basics

Betty Browne (aka Linda) is making sure we can source all our wardrobe basics ethically and sustainably. Her simple but very lux range has the staples most of us wear daily - tees, long sleeved tees and dresses - and it's about to undergo a brand new persona.

When chemical guides don’t apply

The chemicals in natural beauty products might have the same names as those in guides such as The Chemical Maze, but don't jump to conclusions - the name might be the only thing they have in common.

Is organic farming contributing to land clearing?

18 million hectares of forest was destroyed in 2014. Some of it has been replaced with organic farming, complete with certification. How can this be and how can you avoid buying products that come at the expense of land clearing?

Eco Father’s Day gift ideas

Stuck for sustainable Father's Day gifts? Don't want to get something that will get chucked or supports a bad company? Here's a stack of great ideas and things you should know before you hit the shops.

Where this ethical shopper goes for retail therapy

Ethical expert Lisa Heinze is a former fashion shopaholic. She still loves shopping but instead of hitting the malls, she hunts out the many eco and ethical brands out there. She shares her favourite haunts and some great tips on how to pick ethical brands when you're in store.

Colour me pink!

Former fashion designer, Diana Saltoun Goltsman's dreams of creating beautiful, safe lipsticks resulted in makeup with some very unusual ingredients.

Meet fair trade and organic cotton farmers in India

It's not easy growing fair trade and organic cotton. Ethical fashion brand People Tree introduces us to their wonderful growers in India.

Cruelty free until it’s Chinese

Cruelty free products can't be exported to China. Here's how to make sure the beauty company you support is really cruelty free.

Buying wool without mulesing

Mulesing is so distressing that media rarely shows pictures of it, yet it's a common operation carried out by farmers. Here's how to avoid it.