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Heading into the COSMOS

The COSMOS logo is popping up everywhere in bathrooms. Created just for the organic and natural beauty industry, you'd better get used to it.

When chemical guides don’t apply

The chemicals in natural beauty products might have the same names as those in guides such as The Chemical Maze, but don't jump to conclusions - the name might be the only thing they have in common.

Difference between organic and Fairtrade

We often see organic and Fairtrade logos side by side. Each espouse to check for environmental and social cred - so how are they different and what do they have in common?

Can the real bunny come forward

There are many bunnies out there masquerading as cruelty free logos. So you might be surprised to learn there are only three real ones to look for.

Difference between natural and organic

Marketers are happy for you to be greenwashed, but it's easy to understand the difference between natural and organic when you know what to look for.

How to buy true free range eggs

So many farmers and shops claim to be free range. Here's easy steps to make sure what you're buying are truly free range eggs.

Finding the safest tampons

Finding effective and safe organic tampons wasn't as easy as we thought it would be, but we succeeded, discovering a surprising ingredient along the way.

When to trust and when not to

Many shops buy in bulk and pack organic food in smaller bags but how can you trust that it's really organic? Here's how to pick 'em.