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When chemical guides don’t apply

The chemicals in natural beauty products might have the same names as those in guides such as The Chemical Maze, but don't jump to conclusions - the name might be the only thing they have in common.

Eco Father’s Day gift ideas

Stuck for sustainable Father's Day gifts? Don't want to get something that will get chucked or supports a bad company? Here's a stack of great ideas and things you should know before you hit the shops.

Can the real bunny come forward

There are many bunnies out there masquerading as cruelty free logos. So you might be surprised to learn there are only three real ones to look for.

Top 3 natural lipsticks

Many beauty brands are promoted as natural makeup but often it's in name only. Here are three genuinely ethical and natural lipstick brands that are safe to wear daily.

Colour me pink!

Former fashion designer, Diana Saltoun Goltsman's dreams of creating beautiful, safe lipsticks resulted in makeup with some very unusual ingredients.

Using organic beauty products

If you work in a salon or day spa, read our guide to understanding organic beauty products.