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Heading into the COSMOS

The COSMOS logo is popping up everywhere in bathrooms. Created just for the organic and natural beauty industry, you'd better get used to it.

Is organic farming contributing to land clearing?

18 million hectares of forest was destroyed in 2014. Some of it has been replaced with organic farming, complete with certification. How can this be and how can you avoid buying products that come at the expense of land clearing?

Difference between organic and Fairtrade

We often see organic and Fairtrade logos side by side. Each espouse to check for environmental and social cred - so how are they different and what do they have in common?

Can the real bunny come forward

There are many bunnies out there masquerading as cruelty free logos. So you might be surprised to learn there are only three real ones to look for.

What shocked Vinita

After seeing terrible things in the conventional cotton industry, Vanita Baravkar switched careers to make organic cotton more available.

Buying wool without mulesing

Mulesing is so distressing that media rarely shows pictures of it, yet it's a common operation carried out by farmers. Here's how to avoid it.

When to trust and when not to

Many shops buy in bulk and pack organic food in smaller bags but how can you trust that it's really organic? Here's how to pick 'em.