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Heading into the COSMOS

The COSMOS logo is popping up everywhere in bathrooms. Created just for the organic and natural beauty industry, you'd better get used to it.

Is organic farming contributing to land clearing?

18 million hectares of forest was destroyed in 2014. Some of it has been replaced with organic farming, complete with certification. How can this be and how can you avoid buying products that come at the expense of land clearing?

Top 3 natural lipsticks

Many beauty brands are promoted as natural makeup but often it's in name only. Here are three genuinely ethical and natural lipstick brands that are safe to wear daily.

Snotty and eco

If you thought there's got to be more sustainable options for dealing with colds, you're right. These tissue and hankie solutions make having colds look ... almost attractive!

Your guide to organic logos

Confused by all the different organic logos? Don't know which ones you can trust and what you should look for? Here's a quick guide.

Difference between natural and organic

Marketers are happy for you to be greenwashed, but it's easy to understand the difference between natural and organic when you know what to look for.

What is organic food?

You might be surprised to learn what is organic food and what isn't. One thing's for sure - it’s much more than food grown without synthetic chemicals.

How to buy true free range eggs

So many farmers and shops claim to be free range. Here's easy steps to make sure what you're buying are truly free range eggs.

Playing by different rules

Ever wondered why there are so many different organic logos in Australia and if they are different? Yes they are.

Can GM creep into organics?

If GM can blow onto an organic farm and it’s not decertified, could GM creep into organic food?