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The GM fish we’d like to reject

The first GM animal designed for humans has been approved in the US. GM Atlantic salmon is designed to have growth spurts like no other and it doesn't have to be labelled. That doesn't mean we can't avoid it.

Inside the glitz and glamour of the world expo

This years' world expo - the Milan Expo - promised 'Feeding the planet, energy for life' but in between excruciatingly long queues and multi-million dollar, dazzling pavilions you kind of had to look hard to find evidence of it . There were some fantastic outstanding highlights promoting sustainability. Here they are.

Difference between organic and Fairtrade

We often see organic and Fairtrade logos side by side. Each espouse to check for environmental and social cred - so how are they different and what do they have in common?

How to avoid additives

There are 5,000 additives in food, even in simple stuff like cheese and flour. Dr Sarah Lantz explains why they're there and how to avoid them.

How to buy true free range eggs

So many farmers and shops claim to be free range. Here's easy steps to make sure what you're buying are truly free range eggs.

Playing by different rules

Ever wondered why there are so many different organic logos in Australia and if they are different? Yes they are.

Can GM creep into organics?

If GM can blow onto an organic farm and it’s not decertified, could GM creep into organic food?

When to trust and when not to

Many shops buy in bulk and pack organic food in smaller bags but how can you trust that it's really organic? Here's how to pick 'em.

Ooh it does get in – pesticides in food

A groundbreaking Australian study showing just how many pesticides we're eating. It will make you think twice about what you buy.

Why imported food wears Australian organic logos

There's a lot of imported organic rice, pasta and tomatoes on shelves. There's a simple reason why imported food wears Australian organic logos.