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Bamboo versus organic cotton

The softness and sheerness of bamboo underwear and t-shirts is irresistible but how does it stack up against organic cotton and is it really as green as it makes out?

Ethical take on wardrobe basics

Betty Browne (aka Linda) is making sure we can source all our wardrobe basics ethically and sustainably. Her simple but very lux range has the staples most of us wear daily - tees, long sleeved tees and dresses - and it's about to undergo a brand new persona.

Made in Bali

Find out how one yoga enthusiast creates good karma with ethically made yoga wear made from eco materials, including a recycled consumer waste fabric adopted by big brands.

Artisans of Sardinia

On the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, skilled artisans have been using local and renewable materials to produce beautiful niche products for centuries but they're only just starting to catch the attention of the outside world.

Where this ethical shopper goes for retail therapy

Ethical expert Lisa Heinze is a former fashion shopaholic. She still loves shopping but instead of hitting the malls, she hunts out the many eco and ethical brands out there. She shares her favourite haunts and some great tips on how to pick ethical brands when you're in store.

Is silk sustainable?

Silk is so beautiful that we don't want to believe it has an ugly side. But it doesn't have to have. You can buy very sustainable silk if you know how.

Snotty and eco

If you thought there's got to be more sustainable options for dealing with colds, you're right. These tissue and hankie solutions make having colds look ... almost attractive!

Meet fair trade and organic cotton farmers in India

It's not easy growing fair trade and organic cotton. Ethical fashion brand People Tree introduces us to their wonderful growers in India.

Eco Fashion Week 2015

Eco Fashion Week is about loving fashion and giving the fashion industry environmentally friendly ideas. Here's the highlights from this years' event.

What shocked Vinita

After seeing terrible things in the conventional cotton industry, Vanita Baravkar switched careers to make organic cotton more available.