Sustainable Shopper is about cutting through the labelling hype so we can chose products that really are sustainable.

It’s about news, views and reviews, throwing in some meet and greets with manufacturers and producers along the way.

We get that sustainable shopping means so much these days – to us it means choosing products and services that respect workers, the environment, animals and our health.

Sustainable Shopper

How it all started 

It was started by Kathy Cogo who liked to think she could pick a sustainable product a mile away, but still got duped trying to do the right thing. Thinking others must also get caught out she started sharing her knowledge and findings with you.

A journalist by trade, including six years with the ABC, Kathy has worn many titles including publisher, editor, reporter, journalist and media advisor.

Three years with Australia’s leading organic certifier taught her a lot about what companies do to be organic – and the things they get away with!

She’s not a purist and is as prone to spontaneous buys as the next person but she’s also stared endlessly at a gorgeous shirt she wants to buy but wondered if it would tell a good or sad birth story.

Let’s make shopping sustainably easier and less confusing so we’ll do it more often.