The GM fish we’d like to reject

America’s Food and Drug Administration, FDA, recently approved a GM Atlantic salmon. The first GM animal produced for humans.

It’s made to grow really fast because it’s got a growth hormone gene from a different type of salmon and the DNA from another fish species.

While it might be on the other side of the ocean. this farmed fish (which is not allowed to be released into the wild) could end up closer than we think with our international cuisines and food markets.

The FDA doesn’t require it to be labelled as GM or GE, so if you want to avoid it look for a certified organic logo (keeping in mind US organic logos do allow for 0.9% GM contamination), or Marine Stewardship Council, MSC, certification which only certifies wild caught fish. The Aquaculture Stewardship Council certifies the sustainability of farmed fish; however it won’t certify GM fish. 

Friend of the Sea is another fish certifier and its logo is often seen on fish products like oil tablets. The company has confirmed that it doesn’t certify organisms that have been genetically modified. 

The Australian Marine Conservation Society issues a sustainable seafood guide; however currently their fisheries assessments don’t include analysis of GM fish so they’re not sure if this salmon will be included in their guides.

If you want to read up on the salmon go to the FDA pages fish

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