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Where this ethical shopper goes for retail therapy

Ethical expert Lisa Heinze is a former fashion shopaholic. She still loves shopping but instead of hitting the malls, she hunts out the many eco and ethical brands out there. She shares her favourite haunts and some great tips on how to pick ethical brands when you're in store.

Difference between organic and Fairtrade

We often see organic and Fairtrade logos side by side. Each espouse to check for environmental and social cred - so how are they different and what do they have in common?

Can the real bunny come forward

There are many bunnies out there masquerading as cruelty free logos. So you might be surprised to learn there are only three real ones to look for.

Top 3 natural lipsticks

Many beauty brands are promoted as natural makeup but often it's in name only. Here are three genuinely ethical and natural lipstick brands that are safe to wear daily.

Is silk sustainable?

Silk is so beautiful that we don't want to believe it has an ugly side. But it doesn't have to have. You can buy very sustainable silk if you know how.

Snotty and eco

If you thought there's got to be more sustainable options for dealing with colds, you're right. These tissue and hankie solutions make having colds look ... almost attractive!

How to avoid additives

There are 5,000 additives in food, even in simple stuff like cheese and flour. Dr Sarah Lantz explains why they're there and how to avoid them.

Colour me pink!

Former fashion designer, Diana Saltoun Goltsman's dreams of creating beautiful, safe lipsticks resulted in makeup with some very unusual ingredients.