Cruelty free until it’s Chinese

Cruelty free products can’t be exported to China. China requires all imported cosmetic and skincare products to be tested on animals. So how do you support Australian companies that are cruelty free?

The Chinese Government announced in 2014 that it no longer requires cosmetics made and sold in China to be tested on animals but it still requires importers to test.

Cruelty Free is a third party certification that ensures companies don’t test on animals and organic standards around the world prohibit animal testing.

If you’re supporting a company that wears a cruelty free or certified organic logo, you’re probably right in thinking you’re supporting a company that is cruelty free.

Cruelty free stops at the border

Technically a company can pass all the requirements for organic certification in Australia but the audits stop with the manufacturer and its factory.

This means a company could ask wholesalers or exporters to test on animals before the product is shipped, just so it can access 1.3 billion Chinese. Or animal testing could be done by exporters without the company’s knowledge.

The organic industry is aware of this but there’s not a lot that can be done since it is impossible to regulate.

What can we do? 

If you want to make sure the beauty company you buy from is really cruelty free ask them if their product is available in China – hopefully they will tell you the truth.

If it is sold in China, warning bells should ring. If they know it’s being sold in China they also know it’s being tested on animals.

Many products exported to China avoid strict import rules by going via other countries such as Hong Kong.

Find out more 

Here is an interesting list of brands widely sold in Australia and known to be also sold in China.

Some of them might surprise you because they are promoted as being natural and eco in Australia.

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